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About Us

About Us

Mills Motors began by buying any vehicle in 1984 (remember the pre-internet days) and providing a quality of customer service that the industry had never seen before. Today, we are still a dealership that does not sell the vehicles to the public; we only buy autos, regardless of the condition. It did not take long for customers to catch on to the idea for our service to really become popular! The Mills Motors operations have grown quickly, and coverage has extended to every state in the U.S. In 2010, Mills Motors expanded beyond simply removing and paying for wrecked, damaged or junk cars and began to make offers to any owner looking to sell their vehicle. Mills Motors has been making improvements to its service ever since and is constantly looking for new ways to improve the service.

Mills Motors is a car buying company started by the now deceased Mr. Shaw Sr., who built it on the principal of helping USA vehicle owners to sell any automobile in the nation, weather it is damaged, wrecked or a gently used car or truck. Previously, selling a car for money had proven to be difficult given the choices and obstacles since anyone who has tried found themselves running around trying to complete several tasks such as: finding someone that would take the vehicle, and then agree to pay what they promised. He also wanted a service where no one had to wait around to see if the tow truck would actually show. So, Mr. Shaw started to build one of the best services to help people, and today you can use the service.

Mills Motors offers customers a quick hassle-free and safe way to sell their used, damaged, junk car or truck anywhere they are in the USA - and at absolutely no hidden cost! Our service is completely free including the tow, and you won’t find an easier way to sell your vehicle. It’s super simple to use our service! Just call us or enter your car’s details in the ‘Get Quote’ area and we will have one of our professional car and truck buyers guide you through the process. Shortly after you accept our offer, the tower will call you to schedule a convenient time to come pick up your vehicle. Once they arrive, they’ll take the car or truck away and hand you your money, and it’s as easy as that. There are no ads to post, no haggling to do, nothing to fix and you have the peace of mind knowing that you have properly sold the vehicle to a bonded, insured and highly rated car buying and removal company.

Do you have a car sitting around that you’re looking to sell and you want get an idea of what it is worth? Let us make an offer on it! We purchase thousands of vehicles each year, and every day we make on-the-spot payments to sellers nationwide. So give us a call to discuss the value of your vehicle.