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We live in a here-and-now society. You can go to a fast food restaurant and have your food on your tray or in your bag and ready to eat within minutes of you telling the cashier what you want to eat. If you cooked that food, it would take much more time and energy. You can order a product online and have it sitting on your front porch the very next day. The term for this concept?Immediate gratification. In other words, when we get an idea in our minds we want that idea fulfilled


Storm victims paid fast for damaged and junk cars and trucks today

How to Sell Cars for Cash after a Storm Damaged properties are common after the onslaught of a storm. Disposing these damaged properties can be troublesome especially if they are big—such as a junk car perhaps. Waterlogged vehicles or those physically damaged during the storm are often beyond repair and selling cars for cash can be the best way to deal with this situation. Having ideas such as “Maybe I should junk my car.” or hearing acquaintances asking “Do you know of ways on how to


Recycling cars for cash. Best things you can do for the environment.

Portsmouth NH April 16, 2013 Mills Motors ( notes that recycling cars is the 16th largest business in America. And while this is important, the effect on the environment is more important. When you say, “I want to sell my junk car,” you are beginning the process of entering a business that generates $25 billion a year. The junk car for cash business is supported by about 7,000 vehicle recycling yards around the country. Amazingly, recycling autos provides enough steel


One last day in the life of a junk car in USA

A lot happens after you say, “I want to sell my junk car.” Assuming you sell your car that day to Mills Motors, it starts by simply calling us at 800-640-3236 and saying, “I want to sell my junk car.” From there, we work out a price with you and come by to pick up your clunker and pay you cash the same day. You can also fill out a sell used car quote form online. Mills has been in the nationwide cars for cash business for more than 25 years. If your car is truly a clunker, we tow it


Don’t play the trade game. Sell used cars for cash.

Portsmouth NH January 3, 2013–Mills Motors ( offers these thoughts on trade ins at dealerships. Everyone has heard the car dealer ads that say we’ll take any car and give you $5000 in trade. What the dealer is really saying is that all trades up to $5000 are worth exactly zero. In other words, if you have a 2002 Honda that is worth exactly $5000 dollars and trade it in, it’s worth just as much as the 1991 Chevy that got hit by a train. Dealers play games with trade-in