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There’s a better way to sell used cars for cash

Selling a car can be a simple or easy. Here are a few steps that migh make the process easier for you. 1.Get a price. 2. Sell used car. 3. Get money. These three simple steps have been around since cars have been around. But the traditional way to sell used cars for cash was to sell it in the newspaper classified, list it on Craigslist or list it on eBay. Now when you say, “ I want to sell my junk car" or a good used car there’s a better way. Mills Motors buys cars for cash. It doesn’t


Mills Motors offers more cash for vehicles during the sellers market

Portsmouth NH February 14, 2013 – Mills Motors ( says there’s never been a better time to get cash for vehicles. This is primarily due to the shortage of high quality used cars available in this down economy. “It’s definitely a sellers market right now,” says Peter Torres of Mills Motors. Used car buyers, dealers, everyone is looking to get a hold of good used cars. “That’s why we’re willing to pay more cash for vehicles right now.” If you have a car that


There’s quick cash for vehicles if you know where to look.

If your car or truck has been sitting in the driveway not running for a few months you may be thinking,”It’s time for me to “sell my junk car.” So where do you turn. Craigslist? Ebay? The local classifieds? While it’s possible to get cash for vehicles at these places, they’re hardly the ideal “sell my junk car” places. First, you have to wonder if you want someone willing to buy your piece of junk is someone you want coming to your house to kick the tires. Second, you have no


Mills Motors offers the cash for vehicles alternative to a dealer trade-in

Portsmouth NH February 14, 2013Mills Motors ( wants you to know that there is finally a real alternative to trading your car in to the dealer when it comes time to buy a new car. “Sometimes going to a car dealer is a like a lamb going to the slaughter,” says Peter Torres of Mills Motors. “You don’t know what your trade in is really worth, you don’t know what the actual price of the new car is and you don’t know how the financing factors into to the over


There is more to sell my junk car than getting cash for vehicles. I want Mill Mot

There is more to sell my junk car than getting cash for vehicles. When someone says, I want Mill Motors to 'sell my junk car' since they are participating in the number of recycling endeavors in America, we are happy. Every year, about ten million vehicles are recycled in the United States. Amazingly, 75 percent of every one of those vehicles is recycled. Vehicle recycling saves about 85 million barrels of oil annually. Recycling keeps 11 million tons of steel and iron out of landfills and