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A few years ago a friend of mine was in a terrible accident which completed wrecked his car (although he walked away with barely a scratch). Strangely enough he took a long time to dispose of his wrecked car. Instead he kept his wrecked car in the garage and took nearly a month to dispose of it. Although my wife told me a couple of times to get rid of it I kept putting it off because going near it made him remember of the accident. However the experts advice is that you dispose of wrecked


Sell the cars

Selling Cars like a Hero Selling cars is a great way to get some money; money which may be used to help out those in need like in the case of Sam whose sister Zora simply loved playing the violin. Now Sam had old cars he had been wanting to sell so he could get new parts for his new sports car but he changed his mind the day he heard his talented sister playing a not-so talented violin. He knew she was saving up for a new one but a good quality violin didn’t come cheap and this was when he


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Sell a Car for Someone You Love Bringing happiness to others sometimes means you have to give up some things that will make you happy. This is what happened to James when his brother named Jimmy got robbed in school; he knew he had to help somehow but he also wanted to buy a new game console. He didn’t really have much money but he was planning to sell a car in their garage so he could have the cash. However, he thought about his plan to sell a car for his new game console was plain


How to buy and sell the cars for profit in california

Selling My Car in California Doing the right thing is not always easy, but seeing the results of your good deeds makes everything all right in the end. Take the story of friends Jonathan, Leigh, and Amber who wanted to do something for the residents and the old folks' home near where they lived. Jonathan looked to Amber who was holding a pad and pen in her hands ready to jot down any money making ideas they could come up with to make money. They wanted to throw a nice party for their friends


Ways to junk a car in new jersey

Ways to Junk a Car in New Jersey Selling a junk a car in New Jersey can be a good way to make money from something which is otherwise seen as useless junk. Car owners who believe that their vehicles are no longer roadworthy or are in a really bad condition should consider going the “junk my car” route and even make some money from their old car which used to be on New Jersey roads. Here’s a story of an old sales manager who was selling a junk car. “Dear, I think I’d rather junk my