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Can damaged cars be repaired?

What to Do with Damaged Cars Have you ever had to deal with a damaged car and had absolutely no idea what to do with it? Say your vehicle has been with you for quite a while and you can’t find it in you to let it go just yet. Damaged cars can be repaired although it would take a good amount of effort as well as resources for you to make them run again. When you have a damaged car, you can treat it as your mini project and gradually rebuild it to come up with a functional vehicle. Not all


Buy my car or lease it?

If you’re looking to get into a new vehicle, you have two options, buy my car or lease my car. Both options are fine but it depends and what kind of financial commitments you want to have and the mileage that you think you’ll be driving. Leasing my car The first thing to understand is the general meaning of leasing. A lease is a type of loan from the bank or leasing institution. The lease is considered to be the least expensive way to get into a car that you might not be able to


How to get car for cash immediately in new jersey?

How to Get Car for Cash Immediately in New Jersey New Jersey is a big city and getting around would be easier when you have your own vehicle. However, if you find yourself in a tough spot and decide you would benefit from a cash for car transaction, feel no shame since making a good amount of money from your car is possible! Today, a lot of avenues are available for you to choose from when you decide to exchange your car for cash instead. Since New Jersey residents prefer having cars of their


Selling my car

Knowing Where to Sell a Car You can only imagine how I felt when I heard that my son got into a vehicular accident a few months back. We’ve already been considering selling my car because it had some problems already but we decided to postpone it since my son used it to drive to and from his college dorm while he was moving his things. Selling a car never felt that easy. I hated the car for one main reason, putting my son’s life in danger like that. It lost its brakes and I felt so guilty


Junk a car and get top dollar

Junk a Car and Get Top Dollar I was kind of surprised when my husband told me the other day “I would like to junk my car.” I thought he was just saving up for some money and was going to rebuild it since he has had that vehicle even before we were married. I never thought he would junk a car, let alone his very first car which he hasn’t had the guts to let go of! “I know you’re surprised, but I really do need to junk my car. I’ve never had the time to actually rebuild it and I