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Keeping your car clean with kids involved

Getting Rid of Old Cars the Nice and Easy Way My kids have really made a mess of the car. We’ve had it ever since they were kids and did they do a number on it! Now that they’re older, they have been using the car to go places and it has the dings and dents to prove it. Suffice it to say, the car looks like a piece of junk which was what prompted me to come to a decision to get rid of it but, I really had no idea how. “Hey honey, I think it is about time we got rid of the old car. It is


How to fix scratches on your own car

Fix scratches or sell the car for cash? Many of us have experienced scratches in the paint job of our cars. Having a professional fix scratches can prove to be an expensive venture and you may wonder if it is even worth it. However, scratches often lead to rust spots, so it important to cover them before they sit for too long. With a little know how, you can cover your scratches at home and save yourself the expense of hiring a professional, or be forced to ultimately junking your car for


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