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Mills Motors makes it easy for you to sell your wrecked, damaged and junk cars and trucks!

If like many other Americans, you have a rusted, wrecked, inoperable junk car sitting in your garage, you must be thinking about two things- you could spend some money and have your vehicle repaired, or you could sell it off and use the money you get as a deposit on your new car! The latter is much feasible. Why? Wrecked, damaged and junk cars usually cost more than the car itself in repairs and you could easily be spending more than a thousand dollars to get it up and running. The Question


Highlighting the benefits of selling your damaged car to us!

If you have a damaged, wrecked or junk vehicle taking up extra space in your garage or driveway, it is time to sell it off and make a profit. It is quite understandable that many car owners tend to let their cars rest in front of them simple because they have a sort of emotional attachment. However, letting a junk vehicle take up extra property space and cause trouble isn’t really a practical approach. If your car is damaged and repair costs seem to be higher that the market value of the


Selling Car Online

Include pictures of your car. Have detailed photos showing the interior of your car with an attractive background. Add necessary information about your car such as its model, make, year, and mileage. These are the most common things that buyers ask for from people selling a car. Indicate your price range. Some buyers already have their price ranges in mind and placing yours can make for faster communication. Enter all your contact details so that potential car buyers can reach


Got a used or damaged car or truck and want to get cash for it?

Don't worry, MillsMotors can solve your problem! MillsMotors is a major car dealership company with over 350, and growing, offices in the US. We buy your damaged cars instanly and pay you cash for


Signs that mean your car is wrecked or damaged

You got it in your college years and it is all that you wanted- your favorite car. However, over the next few years your car goes through a lot. All those drives, fender benders and at times you also tended to avoid the fact that it needed repairs. Nevertheless, all the use starts showing up in your car and at one point you plan to sell it out for something new. Before you start with coming up with solutions to questions like ‘Where can I sell my car fast?’ or look for buyers,


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