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Assessing the Value of your Wrecked Car before selling it

The Best Solution for a Wrecked Car

 You are about to part ways with your wrecked car but have no idea where to begin from. To sell your junk car in any efficient manner research should be your first step. If you are well prepared you can sell your car fast and quick.

Mills Motors is always there to help you in getting rid of your wrecked car easily. Even before getting a quote from us you can assess the value of your wrecked car. Getting a fair idea about the worth of your wrecked car will help you in decision making.

Different Ways to Assess the Worth of your Wrecked Car

There are some simple ways to estimate the value of your junk car. If you know the value of it you can sell your junk car for a greater price.

·         The Weight of your Car: The weight of your car is the key indicator of the value of your wrecked car. The major component in your car’s body is steel followed by aluminum and other metals. You can easily estimate the worth of your wrecked car by getting your car weighed. You can further multiply the weight with the current market rates of scrap steel. You can take help from various online resources to calculate the weight of your wrecked car. 

·         Call your Insurance Company: If your car has been severely damaged due to an accident or collision you should call the insurance company. A car insurance company will help you find out the market value of your wrecked car. This would give you a sense of what price you can expect from junk car buyers in your locality. If your wrecked car is declared as a total loss the insurance company they might keep it. They will offer you the amount based on their calculations. You cannot bargain with the insurance company but are free to leave the offer if you are not satisfied.   

·         Getting the Blue Book Value: The Blue Book value will give you an approximate value of your wrecked car. Remember, the blue book value only gives a rough estimate of the worth of your wrecked car. It gives you an idea as to what you can expect from the junkyards when you sell your junk car. To get an estimate near to accurate you can subtract the cost of repairs from the blue book value of your wrecked car. Above all, you have to make use of your own wisdom to decide to sell your car fast.   

·         The Current Scrap Metal Prices: If you know the market prices of scrap metal you can get the best offer for your wrecked car.  The prices of scrap metal fluctuate on a regular basis. Know that the scrap metal prices do affect the value of your wrecked car. It is smart if you sell your junk car at the time when the scrap metal prices are high.

All the above ways are just recommendations which can be used by you before selling your junk car. Mills Motors offers quick services to take your wrecked car away. But knowing the worth of your car in advance is not bad.

If you do not have enough time to determine the value of your car sell it to us. Mills Motors helps you about your wreckedsell your car fast at the best price in the easiest way. Get your free and instant offer from us by telling us  car. So get ready for our on-time best service to pick-up your wrecked car. Contact us today!

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