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How to Sell your Junk Car or Truck Easily

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It is possible to sell your junk car or truck without any trouble when Mills Motors is here to serve you. You always want to make the most money for your vehicle even if its actual value has depreciated. With 30 years of experience and reputation, Mills Motors are always available to offer the best price for your wrecked car or truck.

You can sell your wrecked car or truck in any condition but it should be in one piece.

When to sell your Junk Car or Truck

You can expect decent cash from Mills Motors when you sell your junk vehicle in the following condition:

Buying a New Car: If you have intended to buy a new car, you must first dispose of your old one. If you own an older model of a car which is not drivable anymore, contact Mills Motors to sell your car fast.

Totaled Car: A totaled car is one which has been damaged to such an extent that it cannot be repaired. If your car has been declared a total loss by the insurance company, we are here to help you.

Damaged Pick-Up Trucks: If you own a pick-up truck which is in a bad state, you need not worry about getting rid of it. At Mills Motors, we also buy trucks and SUVs that are physically or mechanically damaged.

Mechanical Issues: We also deal in buying your junk car with mechanical issues such as a blown engine, broken transmission etc. We specialize in buying wrecked cars or trucks with mechanical faults.

Autos without Title: Not all junk car buyers are willing to buy vehicles without a title. But Mills Motors makes it easier for you to sell your wrecked car without a title of ownership.

Why Choose Us to Sell your Junk Car

Mills Motors is a nationally acclaimed bonded and registered junk vehicle buyer which gives it an edge over other buyers. You can sell your junk car conveniently near you as we are widely spread across the nation. We have answers to all kinds of your questions related to your wrecked car or truck. Mills Motors promises to serve its sellers par excellence.

Availability: We are available 7 days a week to hear from you. You need not give a second thought to selling your junk car fast and quick. Once you have finalized the deal, our agents will arrange for the pick up within 24 hours.

Professional Team Work: Mills Motors has earned its name because of its professionalism. We have well-trained team members who work hard to run the process of selling your wrecked car smoothly.

Convenience: At Mills Motors, we work according to your convenience. we will try our best to pick up at a time that works with you. You get paid instantly at the time of pickup of your vehicle.

Safe and Secure: We ensure safe and secure services throughout the business. If you choose us to sell your wrecked car know that your vehicle is in safe hands.

If you are thinking of selling your junk car quickly, visit our Mills Motors offices near you.

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