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I want to sell my car

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Anne says, “I want to sell my car.”
We did the rest.

“I never thought I would sell my car for cash, but since I can almost hear my wallet protesting every time my grocery money shrinks because I have to pay more for gas I want to sell my car and hopefully make good use of the money that comes from it.” This is what Anne said on the phone when she said I want to sell my car for cash to us Mills Motors Inc.Anne wanted more money for groceries. Other has been able to say, “I want to junk my car for cash and start a business with it.
We understand how tiring it can be seeing your money for other expenses get deductions for car maintenance fees or for gas prices which continuously shoot up!

By now you might be thinking,“Can I junk my car for cash?” You can at Mills Motors. We have been in the car buying industry for more than 20 years and we offer cash for cars every day at more than 350n offices nationwide.

When we talked to Anne she said. “I’m afraid my old SUV has gone through a lot though. And by a lot I mean both internal and external wear and tear. My oldest kid t hit our fence and my younger kids have been entertaining themselves by painting on the back seats, can I still sell my car for cash in this condition?

Even over the phone, we heard her concern and understood how she felt. However, we told her the great news is that we accept all kinds of cars from all brands, years, and whatever make. We even accept damaged cars, wrecked, or totaled cars. Anne’s voice brightened considerably when she heard this. “Finally, I can junk my car for cash,” she exclaimed, excitedly!

From there, we worked out a price with Anne and came and got the car and paid her cash the very next day. Because our process is so simple, we’ve had a lot of clients say, “I want to sell my car to you.” We were delighted to hear her say “I want to sell my car and make some decent money from it".

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