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Selling My Used Car to Help

Randy didn’t really understand the meaning of giving until he became the recipient of someone else’s selfless act. It all started with his brother Stan who overheard him talking to their mother about needing a new set of trainers so he could perform better at track practice. Randy loved his sport, and little did he know that cash for cars would be the solution to his need for new trainers.

Stan knew that his little brother worked hard and had been saving up for new trainers for months yet still didn’t have enough money because he would sometimes help pay for groceries or treat their mom to little gifts. Stan figured it was now his chance to do something nice and decided cash for cars was the best way to do it. He had been mulling around the thought of “selling my used car” but he really hadn’t found enough reason to do it.

During the time that Randy had begun to have a real need for trainers, Stan’s car began acting up because it had quite a few years on it already. He then realized that had an old car that had been failing to run properly and was more trouble than it was worth. He figured getting rid of it with the help of a cash for cars company would be the best thing to do. “I guess it’s time to sell my used car. When he thought about it and how his brother needed trainers, it didn’t feel like such a big loss compared to how he saw it before.

One day, he went up to his mother and said, “Mom, I am selling my used car and use the money to help Randy buy his trainers and put the rest to buying a newer and better car.” he said.

She looked up from where she was doing the bills and said, “That is really nice of you Stan, and cash for cars is an easy way to make money. But do you know the whole process of cash for cars?” she asked with concern in her eyes.

“Not really know, but I am serious about selling my used car and I promise to find a way to sell my used car to the best company and hopefully get the very best rates as well.” he said and gave his mom a hug.

“I am really proud of you, honey. I am sure your brother will also appreciate you turning to cash for cars company to help him out. “

Stan then went upstairs to start looking for companies that would pay money for his old car. He found a lot of companies but what he realized was that their offers weren’t the best and the steps were just too complicated for him. Finally, he found a company that would pay fair rates for his old car so he decided to give them a call.

“Hi, I am selling my used car, can you help me out?” he asked the guy that answered the phone.

“Of course we can, sir. We will even go to your house and pick up the car so you do not have to bring it here. Just give the details and we will do everything for you.” the guy answered.

“Thank you. This is the first time for me to sell my used car and I do not really know what to do.” Stand admitted.

In the end, they did manage to sell the old car for a good price and part of it went to Randy’s new trainers while some went to Stan’s savings meant for a newer car. They also pooled their money and took their mom out to dinner.

If you ever asked yourself, “Should I sell my used car to help someone I love?” Just think of how great you will feel after.

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