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Sell your Junk Car without being Scammed


The chances are high of being scammed while selling your junk car. Whether you sell a wrecked car to an individual or private dealer, there are fraudsters everywhere. You need to be very careful when trying to derive cash for your junk car.

To get the best deal for selling your junk car, you should approach Mills Motors. We initiated the business of buying junk cars even before the internet came into the picture. With the advent of the internet, we have been able to grow our business of buying wrecked cars for cash. If you own a vehicle that is not operational or broken down, you can receive cash for it instantly. You can request an offer for your wrecked car by filling out our online quote form. You have the assurance of getting a fair price along with junk car removal services.

Sell your Junk Car: Tips to Avoid Scams

You can always avoid various scams if you remain alert when selling your junk car. You can get maximum cash for your car if you choose the right junk car buying company to pick up your car.

Let us introduce a few useful tips that will definitely help you to avoid being scammed-

  • It is better to do business with a licensed junk car removal company: Selling your junk car to an authorized and licensed junk car removal company is better. There are several advantages to choosing a professional junk car removal company. Firstly, you receive genuine cash for your car and thus realize its actual worth. A local junk car dealer will never pay you according to your expectations. Secondly, there is no middleman involved in the process. You can fill out a simple form to receive an instant offer with no obligation. Lastly, you have the peace of mind that your wrecked car will be disposed of in an environmental-friendly manner. We make the whole procedure of selling your junk car easy and quick.   

  • Get multiple quotes to make sure you are getting a fair market value: In most cases, you only go for the first junk car buying company you come across. This should not be done as it lowers your chances of getting maximum value for your wrecked car. The smart way to make maximum money is to get multiple quotes. This would enable you to get a fair market value for your wrecked car. By getting multiple quotes the chances of you receiving maximum cash increase substantially . We guarantee to offer the best quote for your wrecked car and pay the promised amount.    

  • Sell your Car directly to a junk car removal company and not a towing firm: A towing firm acts as a middleman when you sell your junk car to it. If you sell your junk car to an individual buyer, you have to arrange for the pick up on your own. Mills Motors gives you the opportunity of selling your wrecked car directly to us without any middleman. We have our own free towing facility to pick up your junk car within a short span of time. The private towing firm will charge an extra fee to tow away your vehicle. You will also have to pay an additional amount to the company for selling your junk car. With an authorized company, you enjoy free towing services and get the most money out of your wrecked car.  

  • Always demand on-the-spot cash payment at the time of pick up: This point needs no mention but you must always hand over your car after getting paid. Local companies will try to scam the customers by delaying the payment for a later date. An authorized junk car removal company will always pay you instant cash at the time of pick up. You must demand the payment quoted at the time of final sale.

If you want to sell your junk car safely and get a secure payment contact us today.