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Selling a wrecked car is one option to get rid of a vehicle that has lost its value or is no longer safe to drive. Keeping a wrecked car with you after heavy accidental damages can be quite expensive. Even if the insurance company pays a certain repair amount, you won’t get the car in its original form. Yes, it is very difficult to restore a wrecked car to its pre-accident condition.

The newly repaired car will have certain flaws and inconsistencies which would affect its resale value. The value of the car diminishes over time and an accident history will drop the value even more. It is difficult to sell a car quickly that has been wrecked or damaged. This is where Mills Motors comes to your rescue. We are an accredited junk car removal business that can help you sell your junk car quickly.

Making a better decision for a Wrecked Car

It is solely your decision to either repair a wrecked car or sell it fast. Choose an option that is the most beneficial in the long run. You must clearly analyze the two options and then agree to the best one. There are different ways to choose the better option of dealing with a wrecked car-

  • Getting an estimate of the Repairs: You can ask your insurance company to estimate the cost of repairs. Visit local auto body shops to see if they charge less for the same work. If you choose to sell your wrecked car after the repairs, you can go for aftermarket parts. If the entitled insurance amount is low, you will have to pay more to get the repairs done.     

  • Finding the worth of your wrecked car: Another option available is getting the worth of your wrecked car and selling it. There are various online platforms to get a fair estimate of the worth of your wrecked car. A better negotiation is possible when you sell your junk car to private dealers.  

  • Requesting an online Quote: By filling out Mills Motors free online quote, you can get an instant cash offer for your wrecked car. We buy cars of any make and in any condition whether working or not. After offering a genuine price for your junk car we schedule a pick-up free of charge.  

It is your choice to go with the better option with minimum hassle. There are thousands of wrecked car owners in the US every year. The people that have insurance coverage get the car repaired or declared as totaled. Most of the time, car owners want to get rid of their wrecked cars after a major accident or collision.

At Mills Motors, you deal with the best junk car buyers in the US. When you sell your junk car to us, you have the advantage of getting a fair price. We buy cars, trucks and SUVs in any condition and get the maximum value out of them.

We make the transaction of selling your car stress-free by providing free towing and on-the-spot payment.

To get the best service possible, fill out the online quote now.

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