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The Best Solution for a Wrecked Car

The Best Solution for a Wrecked Car

Do you have a wrecked car parked in your driveway but you have no idea how to identify it? Mills Motors will help you identify whether a car is wrecked or not and assist you in getting rid of it.

To begin with, let's define a wrecked car.

A wrecked car is a car which has faced accidental damage but has not been declared a total loss. Your car insurance company has the responsibility to declare your car as a total loss and takes it away. In most cases, your wrecked car remains with you and you have to decide what to do with it.

Factors that Affect Selling your Wrecked Car

The decision to sell your car fast is not a good one until you take into consideration the various factors.

The level of damage caused to your car: The commonly caused damage to your car is either on the front-end or on the rear end. The front end damage is caused when your car collides with a car, building or a tree. The rear end damage is caused when your car is hit by another vehicle from behind. Such accidental damages cause loss of headlights, bumpers, taillights, hood, trunk lid etc. Several accidents hit your car on the side which causes damage to the doors and windows.

The repairing cost of your wrecked car: When your car faces serious accidental damages the costs of repair are also high. It is better to spend an amount on repairing the damages if they are minor ones. If your wrecked car asks for more than its actual value it is better to sell it cash. Sell your junk car to us and we make sure to offer the best price as compared to local dealers.

The worth of your wrecked car: The value of your wrecked car depreciates once it has met a severe accident. Even the costly repairs can do no good to your wrecked car and its worth. To get the worth of your wrecked car, fill our Get a Quote form.

The above factors are taken into account when you are selling your junk car to private buyers or local junkyards.

We at Mills Motors save you from all the hassles related to selling your wrecked car.

Selling your Wrecked Car Fast

Mills Motors provide you the best solution to get rid of your wrecked car at the earliest. Wondering how are we so confident about our services?

We are into the business of buying junk cars in any condition even before the advent of the internet.

We are a specialist in buying junk, damaged or wrecked cars of any make and model. You need not worry about how old your wrecked car is and the condition it has reached.

We are just a call away even closer to our online presence. Provide us with the details of your car and we shall see you on the appointed date.

We provide you with an offer for your car¯. It means you are free from the expensive repairs and costly regular maintenance of your wrecked car.

We will pick up your wrecked car at your desired location be it your home or some other place.

The pick-up facility provided by us is free without affecting the price we offer for your wrecked car.

The payment of your wrecked car is done on the spot in the form of cash. The whole process of selling your car fast is completed within 2 days of contact.

Selling your junk car has not been easier than this. Being the pioneer in the field we have served our customers well and strive to do better.

Experience the easiest way to sell your wrecked car. For any queries related to selling your wrecked car contact us today.