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Where to sell a car, junk or used

Junk or Used Cars Selling Online In the old days, selling a car often meant setting it out in your driveway with a sign on the windshield. The potential for finding the right customer depended on who drove down your street! Thanks to the internet, finding the right place to sell almost any kind and condition of vehicle has gotten a whole lot easier. Ebay has an entire section devoted to selling vehicles and related items while there are also other online car auction websites. Selling a car


Why we buy your car

Tips for Used Car Buyers There is nothing wrong with buying a used car. In today’s tough economic times, used car buyers are making practical choices on how to get around. While having a sparkly brand new car gives a sense of pride and fulfillment, used cars can be more practical when you know what you ought to be looking for. What Used Car Buyers Should Watch out for Used car buyers have a common goal—that is to find a functional used car which can be used to efficiently get around


Driving tips to reducing gas usage in cars and trucks

How to Get Cash for Truck Sales Even for Junk Trucks When you’re burdened with a junk truck, going about the whole “junk my truck” and “sell my truck” scenario can cause a bit of stress on your part. A truck is obviously not a small thing you can easily dispose of, and when you think about it, getting cash for truck sales even when you are basically just entertaining your “how to junk my truck” idea can be a good solution for when you’ve finally made up your mind and that you


Quick tips to sell car

Tips to Get a Good Amount of Money for Car Sales Transactions Getting money for car sales transactions is a welcome addition to your budget. When you have a spare car in your garage or an old car you’d rather earn from than keep around, you can use the following tips for when you would like to give your “I want to sell my car” thought a go. Overtly state the ideal price you would prefer to receive. When talking to your potential car buyers, you can get a good amount of money for


Junk My Cars for Cash, Your Old Junk Is Still Worth Something

Junk My Cars for Cash, Your Old Junk Is Still Worth Something When you say, ‘I want to sell my car for cash’, it is important to know that there is a quick resolution. MillsMotors always strives to keep customers happy, which is why we will drop by your location, take your old car or truck and pay you for it on the same day of the pickup. You should know that there are ways to get rid of your truck of car today and get cash for it - and this is for real. Exchanging cars for cash is what