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There were the only two guys that could buy my car and pay me. Mills showed up on time to buy my car and tow it.
Jeff in Dalls, TX | 7/18/2013
I needed some one to buy my car fast. I called a few places to sell my damaged Toyota and the only company that promised to pay me and tow my car on the same day was Mills. They promised and followed through.
Frank in Queens, NY | 3/24/2013
I was not sure how to sell my car today. I did a little asking around and one of my neighbors gave me a phone number. I called and I found that MillsMotors could buy my car quickly, and buy my car fast they did. In an hour and they handled all the paper work and it was gone and paid for
Susan in San Jose, CA | 1/12/2013
I needed to sell my car for cash quickly but in a safe way. Selling an old vehicle was easy when I spoke with Mr Cappy. He was nice enough and showed me how to get the best car valuation by making sure my 2001 Lexus was running.
Lucy in Boston, MA | 1/13/2012
My son got into a car accident on the highway in his '05 Toyota Camry. He managed to wreck the car, crushing the front and making it unable to be driven. We knew that it would be a lengthy and expensive process to deal our insurance adjustor, so instead we called MillsMotors. The tower came and picked up the car and paid us as agreed too. We were able to sell the car for cash!
Jill in Palm Beach, FL | 12/17/2010
Unbelievably simple process. Wonderful and easy experience I had in dealing with Chris. MillsMotors was the first service I called to follow through and show up prepared to pay car cash. They got the car out of the yard the same day and I got paid as promised. No funny business just straight talk.
Julie in Dallas, TX | 10/16/2009
The company called the very day I emailed the quote request and picked my car the very next day. They were friendly and took very good care of my request and paid me on the spot. Thank you for your great service.
Mark in Los Angeles, CA | 2/13/2008
The towing company removed the car today. The driver called us to let us know he was coming. After a half hour, our fathers 'project' was gone and we got paid! Excellent service.
Susan in Lansing, MI | 12/11/2007
Thanks a lot! I called you today and within hours my son's car car was gone and we received the payment. I would recommend MillsMotors to anyone who needs cash for car.
Linda in Fort Lauderdale, FL | 3/22/2006
Just a note to let you all know how completely satisfied we were with your service. You got us paid, the car towed and took care of the paperwork. We couldn't believe how quick and professional it all was. Thanks again.
Luis in Atlanta, GA | 2/14/2005
I spent two days trying to find an online business to buy my car for cash. It was confusing until I spoke with Jeff at Mills Motors car buyers. He made it clear that it I drove my car today to their local office that I would get paid. I drove the Toyota and got paid as promised. Thanks buddy.
Alex in Los Angeles, CA | 12/11/2003
I was a few days into the new year and in snow storm and I wrecked my car. Totally damaged. I called around on a Saturday and the folks at Mills made me an offer and to pick up the car the same day. What can I say? I sold it without any fuss or mess and everything happened just as they said. I was able to go to out a buy a car the next week after I was able to sell the car.
Jackie in Washington, DC | 1/10/2000
Living in the motor city I thought it would be easy to sell my Honda. Not really. I found MillMotors to be the buyer and at a fair price. It was gone and I was so glad that I did call them. So nice and helpful and they paid me car cash for my junk car on the spot
Jax in Detroit, MI | 10/19/1995
Thank you so much for helping me sell my car and offering this great service. I would still be lost and hopeless if it was not for the excellent help you offered. Thankfully, I no longer have to worry about filling up the gas guzzler anymore. You guys are the best!
Marcus in Cherry Hill, NJ | 11/12/1992
Thank you guys for buying my car for cash. I did not really understand the process and you made it easy and stress free. You guys were so professional in the way you handled the whole situation.
Susan in Dallas, TX | 8/10/1991
I thought selling my car was going to be a tough process. I did not understand that you could pick up my car anywhere. Although I did end up driving up to one of your offices to deliver the car, it was a relief that your office persons were so nice. Thanks.
Chris in Seattle, WA | 3/11/1989
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